Did you know that your logo is an essential part of your brand or business?

Your logo should be attracting clients for you. Here at Graphically4U we can create a logo or a full branding package that will make things go smoother for you.

Tip: Don’t go the cheap way, why because not all logos are created equal and you will not get amazing quality for the low budget logo.

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Branding awareness

All of your platforms should have consistent branding. Don't miss out on any of them. Yes some use banners and some don't but you can still use your branding, people need to know who you are.

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Creating for mobile first

It is very important that your design for mobile devices is responsive since most people browse website from their mobile or handheld devices. It is very important to think of your user and what they use.

User friendly interfaces

Keep your interfaces simple and to the point. Sometimes less is more. Don't over complicate the interface. Think of your user range it has to be responsive for different devices.

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Real time statistics & numbers

Looking at how people connect is extremely important when you want to have content exposure. Taking into consideration personal branding awareness and strategy.

Experience in IOS & Windows

I have experience in both IOS and Windows platforms for over 13 years. Also keeping in mind handheld devices like IOS and Android for troubleshooting design with the website or digital promotional items.

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Printed content

Printed content should also include your branding & print colors in CMYK rather than RGB format. The colors should be bright and inviting. Content has to be formatted with informative and easy-to-read information.

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