How it works?

Learn how it works to get started with branding or a website you love. Graphically4U can maintain your website after it is completed.
Graphically4U How it works

Our onboarding process

Its simple to get started

Our onboarding system will guide you through the process from start to finish. Every Graphically4U package is customized to your specifications with your branding in mind for optimal results. Ongoing support and maintenance are also available after the completion of your project.

Phase 1

Sign up and answer our questionnaire

Submit the details you are looking for for your project. Tell us what it is that you are looking for and provide the style or preferences you would like.



Phase 2


Every project at Graphically4U is special and unique. We know you are filled with many feelings and emotions and it can be hard to navigate through that. We know what will work best for your project trust us. In a few days, we will develop a concept you will love and be excited to share!


Phase 3


Your project gets started and may take up to 4 weeks give or take to complete. In order to move on to the proofing stage.


Phase 4


You will review your project for design, copy, and layout revisions. We will make the changes with the feedback you have submitted. With teamwork, we'll make sure your project looks great.


Phase 5

Launching Branding/Website!

Once everything has been revised we can have the project launch and go live.

Graphically4U is here every step of the way

The process of every project is different and unique, but don't worry about it. 

Graphically4U How it works


Yes, we can work with you on previous branding design to scale it up.

Yes, we can come up with a strategy to upgrade a current website that will best suit your business needs.

Still have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have.

You can contact us with any questions you may have.

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The process is easy. Do keep waiting on your project any longer.
We appreciate your interest.

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